Set up notifications

Set up notifications

            We currently send notifications when:
            – A user likes or comments on one of your photos.
            – A user @ mentions you in a comment.
            – Your photo makes the Popular page.
 users can control notifications completely within the Instagram
application. If you are on an iOS device, you will have to take an
additional first step.
            Step 1 (iOS users only): Turning Notifications On/Off
 you want to turn push notifications for Instagram on or off, please
exit Instagram and tap the Settings icon on your iPhone. From there, tap
 Notifications, then find Instagram and adjust the settings accordingly.
            If you want to turn notifications on or off:
            1. Exit Instagram and tap the Settings icon on your device.
            2. In the Settings app, tap Notifications, then find Instagram
            3a. If you are on iOS 5.0 or higher turn the Notification Center switch ON.
            3b. If you are on an iOS lower than 5.0 turn Alerts ON or OFF (we do not support Sounds or Badges at this time).
            Step 2: Additional Like/Comment Notification Settings
            You can choose whether you want to receive like and comment notifications from everyone or only from the people you follow.
 For iOS Instagram users, tap the Profile tab > Edit Profile. For
Android users, tap the Profile tab > Context Menu button > Edit
Profile. (Scroll to the bottom for images)
            2. Scroll down to the "Manage Settings" section and tap Push Notifications.
            3. Choose your desired settings.
 users: Note that notifications must be turned ON for Instagram under
Settings for the additional like/comment settings to work properly.


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  2. I haven't used Instagram since before videos were implemented.. and I recently just started again w/ a recent version of the app.. What happened to the in-app orange pop-up notifications alerting to likes/comments/& contacts?

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